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  • News April 15, 2015

    We're hiring! Could you be our first graphic designer?

    Wanted: a great in-house designer interested in starting small but thinking big!

    Think HQ is a successful PR agency that is about to turn five. Based in South Melbourne, we specialise in projects of substance and work with some truly great clients across government, corporate and community sectors. The team is continually growing, and we’ve reached a point where we’d love to recruit an in-house designer.

    Initially starting at two to three days per week, the vision would be to start the beginnings of a small design agency, with Think HQ being the primary source of work in the pipeline.

    Our work spans branding and logo design, creative campaign development, publication and web design.

    The skill set we’re looking for includes:

    • Comprehensive knowledge of core Creative Suite software including InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop.
    • Working knowledge or familiarity with Flash and Dreamweaver applications would be a benefit
    • Sound working knowledge of Microsoft Office programs
    • Comprehensive...
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  • News April 01, 2015

    We're in the news! Tell it, Don't sell it: The power of storytelling

    Australians are known for our generous nature, which has given rise to a robust and diverse giving sector. We’re also characterised by our love of a good yarn – we like telling and hearing stories. It’s no surprise then, that storytelling is an incredibly effective means of communicating key messages for organisations and individuals, particularly in the charitable space.

    The power of storytelling cannot be understated, and mustn’t be confused with mere ‘reporting’.

    While facts, figures and reporting on impact are important, it’s the stories – and the right people to tell them – that are the most important components of any communications toolkit

    To read the full piece in Generosity Magazine click here.

    This article first appeared in Generosity Magazine and is reprinted here with permission.