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  • Commentary March 16, 2017

    Get to know: Alice Suter

    Our resident food expert Alice has led national media relations campaigns for government and not for profit clients. With almost five years' experience at Think HQ, Alice has a few tricks up her sleeve for getting that story placed.

    You’ve successfully delivered national media relations campaigns for government and NFP clients. What are the key factors to a successful media campaign?

    Successful media campaigns can look different for different projects and clients – more media clips doesn’t necessarily equate to a more effective campaign.

    If it’s an issue that relates to the masses, a widely distributed media release might be the best approach. If it’s something more niche, pitching a few key interviews, or securing a carefully placed op-ed could have a greater impact (and for less effort).

    Successful media relations is about knowing your audience and your objectives, and choosing the best approach for reaching that end goal. There’s no one-size-fits-all solution.

    What’s one piece...

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  • News March 15, 2017

    The relationship between leadership & diversity

    Think HQ is proud to work with A Taste of Harmony on this year's campaign to help workplaces encourage discussions around diversity by hosting a free morning tea or lunch in March. Register your workplace for A Taste of Harmony to host a feast on any day between 20 - 31st March.

    I’ve been privileged to share and experience many cultures and languages since a young age - from travels as a child, an education in multicultural Melbourne, to working across Africa, Europe and the Americas. Witnessing people from all walks of life, I’ve learnt that diversity is a strength, not a burden communities need to overcome. My appreciation of diversity – every Australian's ability to come to work and be who they are - is what drives me to be involved in the Australian Leadership project.

    The Australian Leadership project celebrates best practices from leadership across various domains in Australia. In our exchange with over 200 interviewees and thousands of readers with a common interest -...

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  • News March 02, 2017

    Media relations 101: managing case studies from start to finish

    Nothing is stronger than hearing someone’s personal experience to highlight the importance of an issue and make a message hit home.

    Putting a human face (a case study) to the topic helps frame the issue, entice the journalist and often has a powerful impact on readers. However, sourcing someone with a compelling story, who is prepared to talk about their experience is often easier said than done.

    It often takes courage to share a personal experience and while you may know of someone who is happy to tell their story publically, the process of doing a media interview can still be a daunting one. Your case study will most likely have little (if any) experience with the media, and may not understand what the process will involve.

    Over the years, we’ve worked with many clients to raise awareness about various social causes where case study management was crucial to media engagement. Below are a few tips that will help you manage the process smoothly.

    Ethics and wellbeing come first


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  • News February 03, 2017

    Intern Program now open

    Applications for the Think HQ internship program are now open for undergraduate and postgraduate students. The program will offer students with the opportunity to gain firsthand experience and mentoring, within in a dynamic agency environment. Think HQ accepts students enrolled in an approved internship unit as part of their tertiary study.

    To request an application form, or to find out more information please contact Jenna Waite at Applications close 20 March.

  • Commentary December 15, 2016

    Take-aways from the 2016 Giving Australia Report – a communications perspective

    We’ve combed through the Federal Government’s Community Business Partnership's new 2016 Giving Australia report released this month, to share with you some of our top takeaways and recommendations to help your NFP grow in the new year.

    Explore digital giving

    The report finds that the most effective ways to ask for a donation are through door knock appeals, telephone, mail or letterbox drop, and street fundraising. The least effective is TV.

    Though not necessarily a substitute for other methods, online technology that makes giving easier for the donor is on the rise, and can be a valuable tool to support a NFP’s fundraising.

    An increasing number of donors are engaging with crowdfunding technologies as they can directly engage with the cause they care about. NFPs should explore digital fundraising tactics, including online campaigns that utilise established crowdfunding platforms.

    Keep your donors in the loop

    Outcome reporting is important to donors, but they just don’t just want...

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