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  • Commentary January 05, 2015

    Public Relations in 2015 and beyond

    As busy communicators, it is often not until the holiday period when we get the chance to sit down and reflect on our work. For many, this means an evaluation of past and current campaign progress and of the lessons that we have learned – what activity worked and what activity didn’t. It’s also when we look to the New Year and consider what our focus will be, and what emerging technologies or trends we can take advantage of.

    Here’s a few thoughts on what we might see emerge and grow in public relations for 2015.

    1. A picture tells a thousand words, but videos can say even more.

    With the rise of photo-focused platforms like Instagram, SnapChat and Pinterest, we are seeing the power of images for public relations and marketing. If 2014 was the year we truly saw images take over the web, then 2015 is going to be the year of the video.

    We’ve already had a preview of this phenomenon in 2014 with the emergence of the viral sensation that was the “Ice Bucket Challenge,” where videos...

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  • Commentary December 09, 2014

    The results are in: Not for profit sector delivers mixed bag of survey results

    Late last year, Think HQ undertook a research survey to gain an insight into the inner-workings of Australian not for profit (NFP) organisations, and the key opportunities and challenges they’re currently facing.

    Over 85 NFPs were represented in the survey, with participants from organisations including the Salvation Army, Melbourne Recital Centre, Spark* International, Save The Children, The Heart Foundation, Plan International, and Opportunity International Australia.

    Numerous sectors were also represented, including education, welfare/social services, community development, health and mental health, and disability and training.

    Of the individuals who took part in the survey, 27% identified as CEO or top-level executives, 18% as communications staff, 10% as marketing staff, 9% as development staff, and 3% as fundraising staff.

    Our findings revealed both good and bad news for the sector.


    Budgets are tight…

    As expected, survey results confirmed that...

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  • Commentary November 27, 2014

    Our Top Five Tips For Not-For-Profit Communicators

    Late last year, Think HQ undertook some research, surveying organisations in the not for profit space. The aim? To identify the key communications opportunities and challenges facing Australia’s not for profits.

    Our research indicated that Australia’s not for profit sector is chronically understaffed, under funded and under resourced, especially when it comes to communications. As an agency well versed in the not for profit space and its typifying budget limitations, even we were surprised by the squeeze our research revealed.

    But it’s not all doom and gloom – our research also showed that not for profit organisations are well aware of the value of communications, and willing to invest their time in that space. They’re just mindful that any activity they undertake has to be efficient, measurable and effective.

    To that end, we at Think HQ have compiled a ‘Beginners Guide to Savvy Communications’ - a list of our top five tips to help not for profit organisations make the most of...

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  • News October 17, 2014

    JUST IN: Think HQ to work with Butterfly Foundation

    Think HQ is thrilled to announce that we are starting work with the Butterfly Foundation on the development and rollout of a new fundraising and awareness campaign.

    The exciting new campaign will debut in 2015.

    Watch this space!

  • News October 17, 2014

    Think HQ gears up to launch the Scanlon Foundation’s Mapping Social Cohesion Report

    Think HQ is gearing up to launch the Scanlon Foundation’s Mapping Social Cohesion Report this month.

    The launch – to be held at Queens Hall in Victoria’s Parliament House on Wednesday 29 October – marks the fourth year that Think HQ has worked with the Scanlon Foundation to promote the research.

    The Mapping Social Cohesion research provides a detailed insight into Australia’s social cohesion, immigration and population issues. It is the largest study of its kind.

    The event will feature a panel of experts discussing issues including democracy, immigration, belonging and trust in the government and justice system.

    Members of the panel include:

    • Assistant Commissioner, Victoria Police, Andrew Crisp
    • CEO, AMES, Cath Scarth
    • Chief Executive, Ai Group, Innes Willox
    • Lawyer and social justice advocate, Azmeena Hussain

    Follow @Scanlon_Fdn on Twitter, to receive live updates from the report launch

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