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  • Commentary May 18, 2016

    Four tips to boost your social media presence

    When creating digital and social media content, it’s easy to jump straight into the tactical nitty gritty – what posts should be created, on what platform, and how many likes is enough to spell success. Audience habit is often overlooked, but recent Facebook data shows that how your audience accesses social media is a critical consideration when crafting digital content.

    With 100% of daily Facebook users now accessing the platform via mobile, it's crucial that content is mobile-friendly. Our Digital Strategist, Jane Metlikovec, is experienced in app creation and digital marketing, and Account Executive,Thanh Lam, runs multiple social media campaigns. Here are their top tips for online success:

    Know your audience’s behaviour

    Experiment with scheduling your social media posts and see when you get most traction and from who. Although there is a general rule that after-dinner hours are the best time to post, your audience may surprise you. Consider their demographics – the more mature...

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  • News April 15, 2016

    Think HQ's recent client additions

    Think HQ is delighted to confirm exciting new additions to this month’s client portfolio.

    Small Business Victoria

    Think HQ is assisting Small Business Victoria in event managing its Regional Roadshow series. Part of the annual Small Business Festival, the Roadshow travels to six regions in Victoria and hosts networking dinner events featuring a high profile keynote speaker who provides insights on how to improve small business productivity, growth and innovation.


    In light of WorkSafe Victoria’s head office relocation to Geelong, WorkSafe has contracted Think HQ to develop its ‘Explore Geelong’ initiative. The project seeks to introduce employees to the region, highlighting its range of services and lifestyle options to help families make an informed decision about the opportunity. Think HQ will manage this project and its related events.

    Association of Employees with Disability (AED)

    Think HQ has been approached by the AED to support the enhancement of the National Wage...

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  • News April 06, 2016

    Now hiring a web dev!

  • Commentary March 09, 2016

    Top five tips from comms industry insiders

    In its second year running, IABC Victoria, in collaboration with Coral Communications, presented talk 55, a dynamic and fast-paced event where 12 communications professionals have five minutes, and five PowerPoint slides, to share an idea, perspective or inspiring story. The theme of this year’s event: The Communication Revolution - where is our industry heading, and are we ready?

    In keeping with the talk55 concept, we have collated five key takeaways from the night.

    (1) Be agile

    Dr Jen Frahm highlighted the importance of having an agile workplace where interaction and cooperation is highly valued. She noted the importance of breaking free from rigid roles, to communicate with colleagues and clients based on trust and transparency. Being agile also involves having strategic plans that are adaptive to change, and organisations need to be constantly testing and learning.

    In the words of Stanley John, organisations need to ‘persevere, pivot or perish.’

    (2) Goodbye press officers -...

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  • News March 09, 2016

    We are hiring a web developer!

    Junior / Mid-Level Developer

    Applications close: 18 March, 2016.

    Full Time Are you keen to make a difference in the world through your digital creativity, programming nous and positivity?

    Think HQ is a South Melbourne communications agency specialising in projects of substance. We work with some of Australia’s most well known not-for-profits and social change advocates.

    We are seeking a full-time junior to mid-level developer who is enthusiastic to make a real change through their work and to have fun doing it. This is a Mon-Fri office-based role.

    We provide digital solutions for our clients, including digital strategy, information architecture and content strategy, web design and technical development. The majority of your immediate work will be creating client websites and microsites.

    How to apply for this job

    Please send a cover letter, resume and at least 3 work examples to, using the subject line: Junior/Mid-Level Developer application via EthicalJobs. You...

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