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  • News June 20, 2016

    Leadership 2016

    Think HQ was proud to be among Australia’s top 200 civic leaders driving positive social change as a supporter of the Australian Progress Leadership 2016 conference in Canberra in early June.

    Issues and topics covered were broad-ranging - from climate change, gambling and engaging civil society, to the outlook for Australian in 2030 and the future of health, cities and the role of government.

    Among the speakers was 2015 Fullbright Indigenous Professional Scholar Michelle Deshong, who made a powerful call for greater representation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in government and all areas of leadership in society.

    Evan Wolfson, Founder and President of Freedom to Marry, provided a behind-the-scenes look at the decades-long campaign he ran to achieve marriage equality in the US, outlining persistence and belief in human rights as the key to their success.

    Kate Gill, former Matilda’s soccer captain, spoke about the gender pay gap in sport. Reflecting on her...

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  • News June 20, 2016

    Welcome from Founder and Director, Jen Sharpe

    Welcome to Think HQ’s inaugural newsletter.

    2016 marks our sixth year in business and in June, also heralds the welcome of the tenth member to our seemingly ever-growing team. I am so proud of the team we have built, and a big shout-out goes to Anna Chalko – Think HQ’s first employee who is celebrating her fifth anniversary. Her contribution and commitment to the growth of the business has been awesome.

    I also have to pinch myself with the calibre of clients we get to work with – a small sample of which is profiled in the newsletter.

    This year also marks our transition from a PR agency, to a full-service communications business – meaning we now offer in-house, digital, web development and design services. It’s an exciting move, and one that enables us to offer more comprehensive support for our clients.

    I also really want to say a big thanks to our clients and supporters, who have helped grow Think HQ over the last six years.

    I really hope you enjoy the newsletter. Think HQ...

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  • News June 20, 2016

    Get to know our team: Anna Spraggett

    What steered you towards philanthropy?

    I work in philanthropic communications because I love the passion and dedication of people in the social change space – it’s uplifting to see society change for the better through what we do. Philanthropy is about so much more than money - it is also about the time, networks, and the soft skills that are underrated.

    What has been the highlight of your philanthropic career?

    There have been many incredible highlights throughout my career. Being able to facilitate and make possible the incredible visions of social change makers is a constant highlight. It’s also awe inspiring to see great change coming from the smallest contributions. What people can achieve in the NFP sector, with scarce resources, is phenomenal.

    With the rise of social media, where do you see social marketing and philanthropy heading?

    The rise of social media has definitely helped put great philanthropic endeavours under the spotlight and into mainstream discussion.

    I think social...

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  • News June 20, 2016

    Thinking about what to do in the digital space?

    It is undeniable that the digital space is expanding exponentially. The United Nations has estimated that more than three billion people are using the Internet. Paradoxically, while it has never been easier to communicate with your audience, it is also easy for your organisation’s voice to be lost in cyberspace.

    Could a new app help you better connect with your supporters? Would a custom crowdfunding platform or digital campaign bolster support for your organisation? With an experienced web developer, designer and digital strategist now on board, Think HQ can answer your concerns, and help you connect with your online audiences in new and exciting ways.

    We are now offering:

    • Digital Strategy
    • Web Design and Development
    • Digital Marketing and SEO
    • Mobile Apps
    • Crowdfunding Campaigns
    • Social Media Campaigns
    • User Experience Testing and more.

    Our team, including Jane Metlikovec (Digital Strategy and Direction), Antony Dabonde (Web and App Development) and Georgie Hoven (Design and...

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  • News June 20, 2016

    Think HQ - 2016 and beyond

    This year, we have moved into a growth and transition phase. Using our values as our core value proposition, Think HQ is becoming a full-service agency. This means that PR will be one arm of our agency model, with design and digital expertise on offer as well.

    As our great team continues to grow, so will our service offering, with talent management, video production and industry events all in strategic consideration for the future.

    We are also in the midst of developing a pilot of a new tool for not-for-profits to help them communicate and fundraise more effectively. The development of this tool comes off the back of being approached by many small organisations seeking communications assistance in an increasingly competitive space for funds.

    We can’t say too much more except to say we will be launching our prototype with a select group of clients and friends towards the end of 2016. Email if you’re keen to participate.