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  • News November 22, 2016

    Blurred Lines: The Convergence of PR, Marketing, Advertising and Digital Media

    Blurred Lines: The Convergence of PR, Marketing, Advertising and Digital Media, hosted by PRIA at RMIT brought together Trent Light of Dentsu Mitchell, our own Jen Sharpe of Think HQ, Jessica Humphreys of Social Concepts, Prue Bassett of Prue Bassett Publicity and Rod Fuller of Sentius. They shared with the audience their career journeys, the evolution of the communications industry and how their agencies have evolved and adapted to service their client needs.

    Some key points they shared:

    Integration is essential

    Campaigns are stronger when earned, owned and paid media communications are coordinated to reinforce messaging. A message repeated across media channels is more likely to be recognised. Trent said this reinforced the need for agencies to work together collaboratively and share their expertise, he has worked with as many as eight different agencies to execute a campaign.

    Agency evolution is a reflection of client need

    Clients increasingly appreciate the power of integrated...

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  • Commentary October 05, 2016


    Last night I had the pleasure of hosting and moderating a panel event for more than 70 PR and communication students, from universities across Victoria. Joining me on the panel were three incredible speakers, Chris Burns, Fiona McGregor and Alex Lefley, who told students what to expect in your first few years in the communication industry. Their stories, tips and advice were great and probably things we can all relate to.

    Here are my top ten takeaways from the night.

    1. University will not prepare you for work life

    Full time work will be a shock to your system. While universities will arm you with skills and knowledge, you will most likely have little idea of what you’re doing when working on your first few projects. Understand that the first few months will be particularly challenging, and that is completely normal. Do your best.

    2. Learn how to be an active listener

    You might think you have the answers and know the best way to do things, but you probably don’t. In the first...

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  • Case Studies October 03, 2016

    Launching Australians Today: landmark research report

    In late August, Think HQ helped the Scanlon Foundation launch Australians Today – a new research report looking at life in Australia, as described by our diverse population.

    “The Scanlon Foundation has been working with Think HQ for more than five years and we trust them to deliver every time.”

    Anthea Hancocks, CEO Scanlon Foundation

    Our work to launch Australians Today involved:

    • Creation of an interactive campaign site: see it here
    • Media relations
    • Stakeholder relations
    • Event management for the report launch.

    Media relations

    Think HQ secured high quality coverage across print, digital, radio and TV channels nationally and internationally. Print and digital media included more than 40 pieces of coverage, including pieces in The Age, The Guardian, The Australian, ABC, SBS and Nine News.

    Stakeholder relations

    Prior to the launch, Think HQ briefed Ministers and government stakeholders on the results of Australians Today.

    Event management

    More than 120 attended the launch of...

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  • News September 28, 2016

    Meet Anna Chalko

    Our Group Account Director, Anna Chalko, is a media relations expert with over 16 years' experience in the industry.

    You’ve worked in public relations for a number of years across corporate, government and now philanthropic sectors. What changes have you noticed in that time?

    There’s definitely been a shift to more visual content and the use of social media has no doubt grown. Creative storytelling and good writing are still highly valued. Both are important when trying to make the complex, simple and interesting for the audience you are trying to reach.

    Newsrooms are shrinking yet we’re being bombarded with junk news more than ever. What is your advice for not-for-profits who want to communicate their message effectively in the media?

    We’re all guilty of succumbing to click-bait, but quality stories about issues that matter are still sought after, as are timely opinion pieces. Be clear on what your story is, and what it is that you ultimately want to achieve by telling it. Focus...

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