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  • News March 19, 2020

    We’re in this together: five ways to look after yourself during the coronavirus

    The coronavirus pandemic has hit all of us hard. We’re living in a time of uncertainty, and going through a massive shift in the way we live, work and study.

    During times like this, it can be easy to get sucked into reading the constant barrage of updates, which can have a hugely negative impact on our mental health and productivity. So, now more than ever, it’s important that we’re looking after ourselves and each other. SANE Australia CEO Jack Heath offered some tips on how to maintain a sense of wellbeing during these difficult times, and based on that, here are our highlights:

    1. Choose your news carefully

    It’s normal (and important) to stay up to date with what’s going on, and with the latest advice from the government. But be selective with what you read, and how often. Choose an official, government source like in Victoria, and avoid getting too caught up in social media and opinion.

    2. Learn something new

    With many of us now working from...

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  • News March 06, 2020

    Lumin: the next phase.

    Today we’re making Lumin free: here’s why.

    I launched Lumin two years ago - on International Women’s Day 2018.

    Lumin is an online training website, with an ever-growing library of courses teaching everything there is to know about marketing, communications, media and messaging.

    Today, we’re pulling the trigger on the next phase of growing Lumin, and the first big change is that we’re taking down the paywall.

    Until now, users have paid an annual subscription to access Lumin courses, but now accounts are free. You can sign up right now and start doing courses.

    Pretty big deal, right? Well for the team and I, this step is a no-brainer.

    Lumin is powered by Think HQ, the agency I founded to work solely, unapologetically on projects that create social good. We started in PR and have grown to be full service. The work we do is best-in-class and that costs real money, so we invented Lumin. It’s for the players in the social change space – like charities, non-profits and sole traders in...

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  • News March 06, 2020

    Spotlight: Rikki Morgan, SANE Australia

    Each month, we'll be profiling people and calling out great work in the communications space.

    Rikki Morgan, Communications Officer - Research, SANE Australia

    “Storytelling is the most dependable tool we have”, says Rikki Morgan. “For the most part, it doesn't matter what the stats and facts say if people can't feel how it's relevant to them, or empathise with it. Then all the stats in the world won't really make a difference.”

    As an employee of SANE Australia, a national charity working to support the millions of Australians affected by complex mental health issues, Rikki Morgan is acutely aware of the importance of effective communications.

    Having completed a Masters in Social Policy at Melbourne Uni, and fueled by a love of writing, Rikki explored roles in PR, journalism and media before finding her niche in communications in the not-for-profit space.

    “Communications are incredibly important for SANE”, says Rikki, “because advocacy is a key aim of the organization as a...

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  • News February 20, 2020

    We’ve been shortlisted at the 2020 Mumbrella CommsCon awards!

    Two of our campaigns have been given a nod this year:

    Employ their Ability with the Department of Social Services, our campaign helping drive disability employment around the country, has been nominated for Best Government Sponsored Campaign.

    Strategy 2024 with the Victorian Managed Insurance Authority (VMIA), our first ever augmented reality exhibition, has been recognised in the Internal Communications/Change Management category.

    Fingers crossed for the awards in April!

  • Commentary February 07, 2020

    2020’s biggest trend: Consumers are people too

    The start of a new decade tends to make one think about the future. For the communications and marketing industry, that means trend reports. Hundreds and hundreds of trend reports!

    The 2020 lists are, as always, varied and worth a look, with all kinds of technological bells, whistles and doodads tipped to change the way we relate to each other.

    If you haven’t read them all, don’t fret – we spent January reading them all, and if you’re the kind of person we tend to partner with (smart humans working tirelessly to create social good for people and the places they live), we’ve distilled it all into the main thing you need to consider.

    Here it is: 2020, and the decade to come, will be defined by the rise of people power.

    (Given Think HQ’s devotion to human-centred outcomes, you may not find it surprising for us to make that call, but trust us – it comes up again and again and again.)

    Consumers are changing. Business and organisations can adapt to meet their new expectations, or face...

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