Case Study: Maritime Safety Victoria Boat Safety Campaign

Maritime Safety Victoria wanted to build understanding of the ways in which boaters and paddlers can be prepared for any eventuality out on the water. Through a behaviour change campaign, the goal was to prevent maritime accidents and deaths by building awareness of the preparation required to safely enjoy the open water.

Research on boater attitudes and behaviours towards preparation shows that there is a clear attitude that boating and paddling is a low risk activity. The reality is that if these individuals did experience an accident, they wouldn’t know what to do because they are not prepared for the unpredictable.

Think HQ developed a behaviour change campaign utilising video, social media and print material, to build awareness of better safety preparation prior to boating or paddling in Victoria. Collateral sought to promote the idea that better preparation would mean a reduction in boating and paddling accidents and deaths. Better preparation was expressed as ‘Prepare to Survive. Know the Five’ - with five easy to remember actions to ensure safety.

Think HQ created a 15 second video for social media and a 33 second version for the Maritime Safety microsite. The social media ad as of Feb 2019 has been performing incredibly well.

On YouTube there is currently a view rate of 57%, well above the government benchmark of 25% and on Facebook there is a click through rate (CTR) to the microsite of 0.96%, much higher than the government benchmark of 0.08%. The YouTube video is currently at 174,621 views and is expected to reach 625,000 by the end of the campaign.

The overarching campaign message ‘Prepare to survive: Know the five’ has been shared across Victorian Fisheries Authority, Emergency Management Victoria, Parks Victoria and RACV Marine social channels. Sponsored content on news sites has resulted in 4K clicks.

The microsite for the campaign has so far had 7,575 views with an average time on the page of 1min 38secs.

A brochure was also produced and mailed to all Victorian boaters, with specific individual case studies relevant to each of the five actions.

Printed DL brochure from the Maritime Safety campaign