Case Study: Department of Social Services

Australian Government Department of Social Services: Stop it at the Start

Australia is locked into a cycle of disrespect and violence. Communities hold the key.

The Brief
Violence against women starts with disrespect. The Stop it at the Start Campaign is a primary intervention campaign targeted towards influencers in the lives of young people. The Department of Social Services(DSS) first asked Think HQ to engage with government and community sectors nationally to create a robust community engagement strategy. In the second year of the campaign, Think HQ was asked to develop way to reach these influencers directly, and show them how they can lead by example.

For year one of the campaign, Think HQ formed a community engagement strategy through extensive consultation with every State and Territory government and community stakeholders. The mission was to find out how influencers would be most receptive to a preventative behaviour change campaign. In year two of the campaign, Think HQ would provide communities, activated by large-scale advertising, with tools and activities they could use at a local level to make change. To reach these communities, Think HQ proposed a suite of online resources that influencers – teachers, sports coaches, community leaders and the like – could use to demonstrate to young people positive attitudes around respect, violence against women, and gender equality.

Think HQ delivered a comprehensive strategy, community resources, a documentary series and community launch event. Outputs included:

  • Planning and facilitating community engagement workshops in every Australian state and territory to formulate an extensive, evidence-backed strategy to inform year two campaign activity.
  • Researching, writing and designing a suite of resources to build capacity within communities, including an activity guide, fact sheet, flyer, social media assets, newsletter templates and translated resources that can be used by influencers to drive change within communities.
  • Creation of a series of short film documentaries, including researching and recruitment of ten real communities taking grassroots action from across Australia.
  • Developing an animated video, showcasing key messages and a compelling narrative for influencers to use the community resources.
  • Planning and production of a community workshop in Broken Hill to trial and launch the community resources. Outcomes included community leaders pledging to a list of actions to support their own community to combat gender inequality.
  • Filming and production of a short documentary featuring the Broken Hill workshop, creating a how-to for other communities to gain inspiration.

Mockups of printed collateral created for the Stop it at the Start campaign