Case Study: Centre for Excellence in Rural Sexual Health (CERSH)

Centre for Excellence in Rural Sexual Health (CERSH) STI Testing Week 2018

Reaching young Australians about positive sexual health with a simple insight: 'Sex might be weird. But STIs are way weirder’.

The Brief
The Victorian Government ran its second STI Testing Week from 9 – 15 September 2018. CERSH required two sets of creative advertisements produced (convenience advertising and social media ads) to address increases in sexually transmissible infections (STI), targeting two age groups in Victoria, 15-19 year olds & 20-29 year olds. The outcome of the advertising would increase sexual health literacy among the target groups.

Think HQ developed a fun, cheeky creative concept for each target audience group, adaptable to convenience and social media advertising that promoted positive messaging around the importance of regular STI testing.

The campaign reached 485,009 people in Victorian between the ages of 15 and 29, and on average was delivered 5 times through Facebook advertising, placing content on Facebook desktop and mobile news feeds, and in Instagram news feeds and stories.

Think HQ’s media buy plan projected a reach of 500,000 people, which was achieved at 97%. The advertisements received over 2.4 million impressions – on average 15-19 year olds saw the ads more than 6 times while 20-29 year olds saw the ads on average more than 3 times.

In addition to achieving great reach and frequency, the creative was highly engaged. While the click-through rate was low – 0.12% (clicks per thousand views) – the engagement rate (reactions, clicks, comments and shares) was high. An overall rate of 2.03% is four times 0.5%, which was the average engagement achieved by the Facebook page.

Don't Go Viral poster from the STI Testing Week 2018 campaign

Don't Get Weird poster from the STI Testing Week 2018 campaign