Case Study: A Taste of Harmony

Bringing Australians together to celebrate all that sets us apart.

The Brief
Funded by The Scanlon Foundation, A Taste of Harmony (ATOH) is an annual event that provides Australian workplaces the opportunity to celebrate the cultural diversity in their team by encouraging employees to share food with their colleagues that reflects their team’s varied cultural backgrounds. 2018 marked the tenth year of ATOH and had the aim to expand participation beyond corporate Australia. Think HQ has been tasked annually to increase participation year-on-year.

Think HQ wanted to promote the positive outcomes of cultural diversity through the narrative of food and the community connections it evokes. By utilising role models and influencer stories and the power of peer endorsement, ATOH campaign ideas work to encourage more small to medium enterprises to take part in and take ownership of their own events.

Think HQ was responsible for social media management, advertising and ambassador management. The communications strategy developed by Think HQ focused on creating content and resources that would capture attention and engage the Australian business community.

Think HQ drove behaviour change by using positive role models and conversation starters to break down barriers to meaningful conversations about diversity in the workplace. This included sourcing and managing influencer and role model talent to drive the conversation.

In 2018, More than 980 organisations held over 11,700 ATOH events across Australia. This was a significant increase from the 6,265 registered events held in 2017. A survey of A Taste of Harmony’s 2018 participants found 92% of respondents believe it is an important event to foster an appreciation of cultural diversity. 94% of respondents also said the event helped to generate conversations with colleagues about their cultural background.

Think HQ curated a calendar of influencer and campaign social media content. In 2018, there were 370 posts sharing ATOH stories online with an overall positive sentiment, an increase of 100 posts from the previous year.

Think HQ created a hero video capturing what an ATOH event can look like, promoting ATOH 2018. Shared on all ATOH social platforms the video reached more than 13,600 people organically and more than 30,000 paid views.

An Event Hub for registered organisers was created to provide resources for ATOH event organisers to assist in running their event. The majority of surveyed participants (77%) found the Event Hub helpful in coordinating their ATOH event.

Think HQ also established a profile series that shared a compelling narrative about the role of leaders in organisational cultural diversity and inclusion. 74 blogs profiling business leaders, innovative enterprises, ambassador chefs and foodies explored the intersection of food, cultural diversity and inclusion.

Print collateral created for the 2018 A Taste of Harmony campaign