Stefan Delatovic

Stefan Delatovic

Stefan Delatovic

Head of Content and Owned Strategy

Stefan is an accomplished communicator and storyteller, specialising in creating clear, concise messages that resonate with communities and compel them to act.

At Think HQ, Stefan leads the owned content and strategy teams, overseeing the development of communication and marketing strategies and plans, as well as other campaign materials including newsletters, blog posts and social media assets.

Prior to joining Think HQ, Stefan managed communications at Victoria State Emergency Services (SES), where he oversaw, developed and executed strategic communications, marketing campaigns and all communications functions for the organisation.

At Victoria State Emergency Service, Stefan managed the media training program for the agency's staff and volunteers. He taught them to navigate media interviews and engagements in high pressure, emergency situations. He directly built and managed the skills of both operational staff and a cohort of 150-odd trained volunteers.

This background in emergency management communications has taught him to handle crisis and emotionally charged topics and audiences in a planned, calm manner. 

A former Fairfax journalist and editor, Stefan is also adept at crafting quality content in tight timeframes. He now uses this ability to produce advertising and social media copy for government campaigns. 

At Think HQ, Stefan has worked across a number of campaigns, including management of the Department of Social Services’ Stop it at the Start campaign, the Federal Government’s campaign focused on combating violence against women with a community approach. Stefan created the community engagement strategy, through extensive consultation with every state and territory in Australia.He went on to execute the strategy, managing the development of a suite of collateral designed to build capacity within communities, including flyers, newsletters, fact sheets and social media assets.

Articles written by Stefan Delatovic

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