Jade Delios Callanan

Jade Delios Callanan

Jade Delios Callanan

Senior Account Executive

Jade is a receptive and proactive content creator working across a range of channels and formats. With her finger constantly on the pulse, Jade understands current and emerging trends and creates content to match. She has created engaging, meaningful content delving into social cohesion for the Scanlon Foundation and A Taste of Harmony, encouraging businesses to support disability employment through the Department of Social Services’ Employ Their Ability campaign and rallied community support for a 30km/h trial within Yarra City Council.

Jade is adept at community management and social media content development. Her work on Yarra City Council’s 30km/h trial involved the creation of engaging social media and actively responding to queries, complaints and comments from a number of local residents in the trial area.

She has also authored regular social media and web content for the Organ and Tissue Authority’s DonateLife Week and the Australian Financial Complaints Authority’s launch and its Financial Fairness Roadshow. 

Jade is regularly called upon to transcribe documents and record information at meetings and workshops, which is then distributed to the wider team.

She is also responsible for creating content for both Think HQ and Lumin’s social media channels, and creates Lumin’s fortnightly newsletter, which is distributed to more than 500 people.

Jade holds a Master of Communications and Media Studies with Distinction from Monash University, and a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Communications and minoring in Journalism and Behavioural Studies. 


Articles written by Jade Delios Callanan

Values-led, award winning!

This year has thrown many a curveball, but one thing has remained true – the power of inclusive, values-led communications to drive positive social change.

As an agency, we’ve doubled down on our commitment to truly inclusive communications by helping our clients talk to every member of our diverse community.

It has been a huge investment, and we are so proud to have our hard work recognised across so many industry awards this year.