Emma Schwarer

Emma Schwarer

Senior Account Executive

Emma is a strategic public relations specialist, passionate about using communications to drive genuine behaviour change in the community.

With experience working with a range of not for profit and government clients, she’s worked with organisations including Sport Australia, Bowel Cancer Australia and the Victorian Department of Health and Human Services, where she developed and implemented campaigns to drive positive behaviour change.

Emma is passionate about using research and a deep understanding of client objectives to fuel her work. For the Australian Futures Project, Emma was part of a team responsible for developing and implementing a media campaign based on twelve years of Roy Morgan data from 50,000 face-to-face interviews aimed at ending short-termism in Australian politics.

With a strong news sense, Emma leverages her relationships with the media to promote a client’s strategic objectives. At Think HQ, she has delivered a comprehensive media relations campaign for the Australian Institute of Family Studies, sharing stories from people all over Australia about how they’ve dealt with COVID-19.

Emma holds a Bachelor of Arts (Politics and International Relations) from the University of Melbourne.