Chloe Favre

Chloe Favre

Chloe Favre

Localisation Coordinator, CultureVerse

Localisation is a complex business, and Chloe works across our network of stakeholders to coordinate projects from end to end.

To do it, she builds and maintains strong relationships with translators, checkers and recorders from Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) communities across Melbourne to ensure translations and interpretation is of high quality, within often urgent time frame.

She’s also a crucial lynchpin between the localisation function and Think HQ’s internal teams, ensuring all our work – from paid campaigns to stakeholder engagement – leverages representative, sensitive materials.

Hailing from a small village in the Alpine mountains of France, Chloe brings five years’ of experience as a production manager, owning projects in merchandising and signage for large groups. She notably owned and coordinated the offshore production of marketing merchandise from commencement to completion.

Her strength is her ability to multitask across projects and tasks, and across the different languages, cultures and contexts she operates within, ensuring messaging is accurate while adapting to the cultural needs of each audience.

Her passion from her role is borne out of the opportunity she has had to help build the localisation function and now develop it to the next level, in a way that provides the opportunity to build new relationships and learn about different cultures.