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  • News March 24, 2017

    Media Relations and Building Contacts: Breakfast Workshop

    Are you a communications professional, business owner, speaker, thought-leader or entrepreneur? Are you looking to engage the media to increase your organisation’s presence and boost your profile?

    Join us as Alice Suter and Jenna Waite from Think HQ’s PR team take you through an intensive two-hour workshop that will help you get the most out of your next media campaign and show you how to build a bank of contacts.

    You Will Learn

    • What makes news and creating angles
    • New media trends and how you can utilise them
    • Top tips for writing for the media
    • How to engage a journalist or producer
    • The difference between print, broadcast and online media, and how to tailor your pitch and approach for each
    • The art of writing an opinion piece and when to use one
    • How to prepare yourself or your talent for an interview and how to handle difficult questions
    • Relationship building tricks that’ll help you establish yourself or your organisation as a trusted media source
    • Some basic reactive media advice (how...
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  • Commentary March 16, 2017

    Get to know: Alice Suter

    Our resident food expert Alice has led national media relations campaigns for government and not for profit clients. With almost five years' experience at Think HQ, Alice has a few tricks up her sleeve for getting that story placed.

    You’ve successfully delivered national media relations campaigns for government and NFP clients. What are the key factors to a successful media campaign?

    Successful media campaigns can look different for different projects and clients – more media clips doesn’t necessarily equate to a more effective campaign.

    If it’s an issue that relates to the masses, a widely distributed media release might be the best approach. If it’s something more niche, pitching a few key interviews, or securing a carefully placed op-ed could have a greater impact (and for less effort).

    Successful media relations is about knowing your audience and your objectives, and choosing the best approach for reaching that end goal. There’s no one-size-fits-all solution.

    What’s one piece...

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  • News March 02, 2017

    Media relations 101: managing case studies from start to finish

    Nothing is stronger than hearing someone’s personal experience to highlight the importance of an issue and make a message hit home.

    Putting a human face (a case study) to the topic helps frame the issue, entice the journalist and often has a powerful impact on readers. However, sourcing someone with a compelling story, who is prepared to talk about their experience is often easier said than done.

    It often takes courage to share a personal experience and while you may know of someone who is happy to tell their story publically, the process of doing a media interview can still be a daunting one. Your case study will most likely have little (if any) experience with the media, and may not understand what the process will involve.

    Over the years, we’ve worked with many clients to raise awareness about various social causes where case study management was crucial to media engagement. Below are a few tips that will help you manage the process smoothly.

    Ethics and wellbeing come first


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  • Case Studies December 14, 2016

    Sydney Community Foundation: working to keep women out of prison

    Reflecting on a busy year, a project that stood out for us was working with the Sydney Community Foundation (SCF) on a campaign to improve support for women in the criminal justice system.

    In September, SCF hosted UK Parliamentarian, Baroness Jean Corston in Sydney, where she briefed policy makers and local organisations on best-practice approaches to reducing female recidivism.

    Think HQ led PR activity around the Baroness’ visit, and worked with SCF to draft a position statement calling for more government investment into alternative programs to rehabilitate low-risk female offenders in New South Wales.

    Key activities undertaken by Think HQ included:

    • Producing the Keeping Women Out of Prison position statement
    • Media relations – including media kit development, media pitching, op-ed development, and media management for the Baroness
    • Production of a Keeping Women Out of Prison video, featuring interviews with the Baroness and other key stakeholders
    • Social media content creation.


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  • News December 14, 2016

    Creating conversations about social cohesion

    2016 has been a big year in politics. The US election, Brexit, and the European refugee crisis have led to global discussion about issues of immigration, discrimination and disengagement with government. So how are people feeling in Australia?

    The Scanlon Foundation’s 2016 Mapping Social Cohesion Report provided a unique insight into local views on issues affecting our social cohesion. For the fifth year running, Think HQ worked with the Scanlon Foundation on the national launch of the report.

    Our work involved:

    • Arranging pre-launch Ministerial briefings
    • Managing the national stakeholder launch in Melbourne, attended by 260 guests
    • Creating campaign video content, including an animated video highlighting key research results
    • Social media content creation and live tweeting during the event
    • Media relations activity.

    Around 260 people attend the event, which was emceed by ABC journalist Patricia Karvelas and featured a panel of thought leaders including:

    • Mark Baker, CEO, Melbourne...
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