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  • Commentary May 22, 2017

    We need taller poppies: Why Australians should be giving more

    Billionaire mining magnate Andrew Forrest gave $400 million to charity today, the single largest philanthropic donation by a living person in Australian history. Anna Spraggett, Think HQ Account Director, hopes it’s a sign of times to come.

    There was a lot of attention on Andrew ‘ Twiggy’ Forrest today when he announced he was giving away $400 million to tackle cancer research, Indigenous disadvantage, the elimination of modern slavery and education. He was, after all, flanked by Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, who applauded his donation as a “gift to humanity”, and Opposition leader Bill Shorten. It’s harder to get higher company.

    It’s a positive sign that Forrest’s gift has been treated so positively, and his message, that everyone should “give what you can, if it isn’t money then time is just as valuable,” is bang on.

    It shows that Australia is moving in the right direction. This gift is important and people are talking about it. The more open we are about this, the better....

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  • Commentary May 10, 2017

    Budget 2017: What does this mean for community developers?

    With last night’s Federal Budget, the Government has signalled a willingness to spend on Australia, including a centrepiece increase in the Medicare levy of 0.5 per cent to fund the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).

    The measure ensures full funding for the scheme (set to cost about $12 billion when fully up and running in 2020) to provide care for Australians with severe disabilities.

    This, as well as a levy imposed on the big banks, may finally free the government from the damaging legacy of 2014’s budget, decried by many as an unfair whack to the most needy in the name of ‘ending the age of entitlement’.

    But while this budget is a centrist move towards a fair go, there are winners and losers, with changes and stressors that operators in the community development space need to be across. And for all it’s steps forward, it’s unlikely to put any of the big issues to bed.

    Education funding gets a shake-up, with a ‘gonskiesque’ model of needs-based school funding expected...

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  • Uncategorized April 26, 2017

    Wasted words

    It’s all too common that we use words that are redundant, or phrases that could be simplified. This often results in sentences that are needlessly wordy, and can end up becoming muddled and lose meaning.

    To help encourage more concise writing, Think HQ is starting a weekly series of ‘Wasted Words’ posts, highlighting redundant words and suggestions on keeping things simple .

    First up, ‘at the present time’.

    Wasted Words will be a weekly series on our Facebook and Instagram accounts. Follow us on Instagram @think_hq and Facebook at to stay up to date!

  • News March 28, 2017

    We're looking for a Mid/Senior Design Lead!

    Are you keen to make a difference in the world through your design skills? Can you lead brand identity and creation? Know that CSS isn’t just for web developers? Keen to lead a team of junior designers? Looking for a step up into a Creative Director role?

    We are seeking a full-time experienced designer who is enthusiastic to make a real change through their work. This is a fast-paced start-up, with lots of room to grow and innovate.

    Our clients use our design work across a range of digital and print products including:

    • Websites and apps
    • Print reports/booklets
    • e-Reports
    • Presentations
    • Social media
    • Proposals and tenders
    • Video and animation
    • Promotional materials
    • Advertising
    • Crowdfunding campaigns
    • Media and more.

    Our design work ranges from full brand development for organisations and/or campaigns, in addition to an ever-growing suite of design products.

    Ideally we are after someone who is:

    • A strong and experienced visual creative thinker
    • Confident presenting to, building relationships...
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  • News March 24, 2017

    Media Relations and Building Contacts: Breakfast Workshop

    Are you a communications professional, business owner, speaker, thought-leader or entrepreneur? Are you looking to engage the media to increase your organisation’s presence and boost your profile?

    Join us as Alice Suter and Jenna Waite from Think HQ’s PR team take you through an intensive two-hour workshop that will help you get the most out of your next media campaign and show you how to build a bank of contacts.

    You Will Learn

    • What makes news and creating angles
    • New media trends and how you can utilise them
    • Top tips for writing for the media
    • How to engage a journalist or producer
    • The difference between print, broadcast and online media, and how to tailor your pitch and approach for each
    • The art of writing an opinion piece and when to use one
    • How to prepare yourself or your talent for an interview and how to handle difficult questions
    • Relationship building tricks that’ll help you establish yourself or your organisation as a trusted media source
    • Some basic reactive media advice (how...
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